Web Design

Simple functionality, impactful web design

A successful website

Your website won’t just look great. It’ll bring you more business, too

I explore your market's needs and wants through my intensive research process. This research tells me exactly what colours, images, fonts, words, and layouts will connect with them, helping you get more clients. Every industry has its look and feel.

Clean, minimalist, beautiful design

I believe in clean, modern, minimalist design. Your website will give your visitors a pleasant, enjoyable experience – uncluttered and simple. Sites are low-maintenance service-type designs created in the latest (non-Wordpress) HTML 5 CSS web software that generates mobile-friendly websites with clean HTML code. Any updates are on request on an ad hoc basis or retainer based.

SEO friendly content

SEO refers to search engine optimization or the process of optimizing a website so people can easily find it via search engines like Google. There are strict rules to adhere to to be ranked high in Google, such as unique descriptions and titles for each page.

Your website will truly reflect your business

I will ask lots of questions before I write a word or start the design. I want to get to know your company from the inside out to create a website that beautifully represents it. I enjoy a friendly, relaxed, one-on-one interaction where I manage the project paying attention to every detail.

PLEASE NOTE: All web maintenance is taken care of by Lauren Wolff Design